Web Services

IMS offers a SOAP based webservice/API to allow clients to interact electronically with IMS for the following services:

  • Rate Inquiry (IRIS)
  • Dispatch (IRIS Dispatch)
  • Milestone Notifications

These services are not available to all clients. Please contact your sales representative for more information.



Q: What is required to access to the IMS Webservice

A:  You will need to contact your IMS sales representative to discuss business requirements. Once authorized through sales, your company will need to develop a SOAP based client that can make requests to IMS electronically via the documented functions. IMS provides samples in several programming languages and your IT/IS department should be able to follow the documentation to develop a system to request quotes. You will receive from IMS a “public key” as well as a “private key” that is used to identify and authenticate your company and those keys must be used in accordance with the documentation in order to make requests. Additionally, your webservice will need a valid username/password with access to your company’s IMS portal. We suggest naming that username something like “YourCompany WebService” so that your users and management can easily identify quotes requested manually through the IMS IRIS system and quotes generated through the webservice.