The IMS Advantage

IMS Transport Solutions’ goal is to be a valuable asset for every one of our clients – whether you’re part of a large operation or run a small business – by acting as an extension of your operations department to enable you to be as productive as possible.

Founded on the principles of exceptional customer service and technological innovation, IMS goes beyond providing nationwide trucking capacity. IMS clients gain access to value-added services that provide a One-Stop-Shop for all transportation needs: instant FCL drayage trucking rates, the ability to manage all company rate quotes, a facility to dispatch cargo to IMS online, and full cargo tracking visibility. This is all accessible at the touch of a button, anywhere in the world, at any time.


IRIS for Quotes

Instant Quotes at the Touch of a Button

“I need a FCL drayage trucking rate now…”
“It’s after hours and no one is picking up the phone…”
“None of my motors carriers have availability…”

If you’ve ever called or emailed a trucker to request a rate, only to be placed on hold or wait hours for a reply, you know how much time and effort this process costs you. If you’ve gotten a quote from a trucker only to have them change their rate 30 days down the road, or even worse, after you’ve sent them a shipment, you know the stress involved in working to repower the shipment and that you will likely lose out on the difference in rate.

The days of lost money and long hours spent on these tedious processes are over.

By combining decades of industry experience with cutting edge technology, IMS’ Instant Rate Inquiry System (IRIS) enables you to instantly retrieve FCL drayage trucking rates, as well as manage rate comparisons for various ports and ramp routing options. If you are working on a nationwide project (RFQ) through different time zones and with numerous carriers, IRIS provides immediate online access to facilitate your nationwide RFQ directly from your PC. If you have access to the internet, you can retrieve your saved rate quotes, as well as view previously quoted rates, right from your PC.

IMS Transport Solutions’ quotes are also valid for one year to ensure rate integrity that simply does not exist anywhere else in the industry.

IRIS for Dispatch

Painless Dispatch Process

“Did I include all the information on the dispatch?” 
“Did my vendor confirm receipt of the order?”

Once you receive a quote from IMS Transport Solutions to handle your truck move, simply click ‘GO’ in IRIS, or email your instructions, to initiate the dispatch process.

Upon initiating the dispatch process in IRIS, your rate quote is copied to the dispatch screen. Address information for each piece, such as supplier/receiver, port/CY, or empty location, is entered only once to our system. Your instructions are then recorded in our database to be retrieved for future moves in the lane. Specific information per move (i.e. container number, shipping line, BOL/Booking) is simply filled in once per shipment, regardless of the number of intermodal connections needed.

Prior to sending your delivery or pick up instructions to IMS, IRIS will perform a check to ensure that all information required to perform the move is complete. Once the dispatch is sent, a confirmation number is automatically generated and verifies that your instructions have been received. The IMS Transport Solutions team of experts then gets to work on executing the operations of your move.

FasTrak Cargo Visibility

End-to-End Shipment Visibility for Every Move

“Where is my container?”
“Has an appointment been set with the warehouse yet?”
“What is my container number?”

In an ideal world, shipments move from point to point, from carrier to carrier, smoothly and on time. However, in the real world, shipments can be delayed for a variety of reasons.

Our innovative cloud-based freight and shipment tracking solution (FasTrak) allows you to monitor and receive timely information regarding your shipment’s progress. A dedicated team of experts, working with our state of the art technology, proactively gathers and displays tracing details for each milestone throughout the process. You can trace your shipment by container number, bill of lading, booking number, or reference number. You can even trace your cargo at the individual product level – if provided – down to the PO, SKU, or item number.

If you need to manage multiple shipments or handle your high-volume accounts with ease, FasTrak also provides dashboard and pipeline views on one screen that allow full visibility, management, and control.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

“I faxed instructions and I need to confirm document receipt.” 
“I need to enter tracking info to my system.”

Working with IMS Transport Solutions means no longer emailing/faxing instructions, calling to confirm receipt of paperwork, and typing information to your system.

IMS offers a broad range of quality Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions that enable our clients and vendors to communicate business data electronically with us. Our technology is proprietary and was built with flexibility to our clients’ needs in mind. IMS sends and receives information in various formats and handles all electronic information translation in-house. We provide and receive dispatch and activity information to / from our clients and vendors.

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